Is a roller chain the exact same as a push chain?

Certainly, a roller chain and a travel chain commonly refer to the identical sort of chain. A roller chain, also recognized as a travel chain, is a type of chain particularly created for energy transmission programs. It consists of a series of interconnected backlinks, with every website link possessing internal and outer plates, pins, and rollers.

The roller chain is typically utilized in many mechanical techniques to transmit electricity from a person rotating shaft or sprocket to a further. It is commonly used in purposes these types of as bikes, bicycles, industrial machinery, conveyors, and automotive systems.

The term “travel chain” is typically used to emphasize its function in transmitting electricity and driving movement. It highlights the truth that the chain is accountable for transferring rotational power from a electrical power supply, this kind of as an motor or motor, to a different ingredient or system.

So, in general, China drive chain manufacturer roller chain and drive chain factory chain can be applied interchangeably to refer to the identical style of chain utilized for electrical power transmission functions.

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